Your arrangement of a space and suitable kit for meditation practice can create a supportive set-up to help you develop a regular practice, at home or at work. Being physically comfortable with an appropriate meditation posture for you is an important foundation for an effective meditation practice.

Cushions, wooden stool or chair.
Cushions or stool need to be chosen and arranged to a height that suits your build. For most people two cushions is comfortable. If you are uncomfortable sitting on the floor, we recommend sitting on a sturdy kitchen-style wooden chair. Advice on posture is given at all our classes and can be best explained in person.

A mat makes a warm and comfortable base that is gentle on your knees and ankles.

Some meditators like to use a blanket to support their hands, which helps take some of the weight of your arms off your shoulders. A blanket also keeps you warm and helps create a feeling of containment and grounded stillness.

Mats and cushions, stuffed with buckwheat hulls or kapok, can be ordered and purchased from our classes.

London Meditation Project Meditation Kit