The way we work affects ourselves, others and the world. Our work environment can be a place of fulfilment and creativity, but the increasing complexity and demands of the modern workplace can cause anxiety, stress and fatigue.

The Coronavirus crisis is bringing new changes and stresses to working life. In our Zoom meditation sessions, the emphasis is on relaxation and wellbeing, NOT staring at the screen - we hope the meditation sessions will help you access an open and kind experience of yourself and your environment in a useful and different way, wherever you are.

Meditation and mindfulness cultivate calm and clarity, offering an effective means of relieving stress and creating mental space. Freeing energy and increasing creativity and enjoyment, meditation can help to build confident decision making and effective action.

Explore what we offer to see what the London Meditation Project can bring to your workplace.

Meditation on the streets of London


The London Meditation Project offers excellent, enjoyable and insightful meditation and mindfulness training in the workplace. Options can be tailored to suit your needs, for numbers from one individual to a hundred staff; one-off workshop sessions or ongoing training; courses or drop-in sessions, with timings and locations to suit.

We can offer anything from a regular 20 minute 'stress relief and mindfulness in-house breather', to alternative 'away days' and delicious two-day residential team-building meditation, mindfulness, communication and relaxation retreats!

London Meditation Project Meditation and Work
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