This free workshop series is for parents and carers of children with hemiplegia and/or autism, and funded by Anton Jurgens Charitable Trust. The workshops will focus on how to support children and young people to learn everyday skills. The content will be based on current understanding of motor learning theory, about how brains learn best, and how children and young people can problem solve their own challenges with everyday activities, generate ideas and think about what works for them, to make progress and learn to do new things.

This type of approach is suitable for children and young people over 4 years old who have sufficient verbal ability to talk about problems and potential solutions (even if they use alternative forms of communication to do this).

Delivered by Anne Corbett DipCOT MSc, senior occupational therapist and founder of Learning2Practice, who has worked in the independent sector and NHS. Anne's last NHS role was as Manager of Children's Therapy Services in Tower Hamlets, East London.

You must book a place to attend this workshop, and places are limited. Click for more info and bookings.


London Meditation Project Yoga for Children with Hemiplegia
Green House
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