Many military veterans and their families endure challenges and trauma that most civilians can barely imagine going through. It is important that our returning soldiers and veterans receive respectful and skilled support to work with the visible and less visible wounds of war, without being re-traumatised in the process. Meditation is one effective way that this healing support can be offered.

The London Meditation Project runs a lean operation financially speaking. We started out with a Big Lottery Awards for All grant of £8,065 and have achieved a great deal with that grant plus a lot of voluntary effort. We need and welcome donations to continue our work for veterans, returning soldiers, military widows, and soldiers spouses, partners and families.

Your money will help sponsor free meditation courses and events for veterans by covering costs of venue hire, good food for participants, reasonable financial support for meditation teachers and therapists, outreach work, the phone bill, and continual relevant research and training in trauma-healing and therapeutic communication for our team. We do not pay any office rent.

Your generosity will certainly make a difference.

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Catherine's sponsored swim

Catherine's sponsored swim

Catherine is swimming 108km (not all in one go!) Sponsor her here to raise funds for the Peace of Mind meditation project for combat veterans, Service-people and their families.

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