In meditation we can find a place of deeper calm, stability and safety in body and mind, which then allows tension and emotional pain to be honestly experienced, released and healed. This process happens in meditation at its own natural pace, in mindful awareness, without judgement and without forcing anything to happen. Meditation can support the healing and releasing process without provoking re-traumatisation. It is not a 'quick fix'. The experience of trauma and stress in mind and body takes its own time to heal, but you may start feeling more at ease and able to make some good decisions about self-care in your life quite quickly.

You are welcome to raise your questions, hopes and fears with us and we will talk with you about what can help most and how to be with your experience when difficult things come up. Learning to meditate can change your experience of life, opening to deeper levels of compassion and presence. The compassion and presence we find in meditation can also lead to heartfelt communication, connection and the sharing of personal stories in a meaningful and healing way. Our courses and days for veterans will be held in safe, comfortable venues and all events will include good food and a warm welcome.


Meditation and mindful relaxation stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system: ie: supporting the body's natural process of calming and soothing itself.


Meditation is an effective, real and gentle way for a person to get in touch with their own natural goodness and peace of mind, even when life events have been very tough. It allows space for processing grief and emotional distress, and reconnecting with joy in life. Through practising meditation it is possible to find inner calm, clarity, forgiveness, compassion and respect for ourselves and others, and to choose to live our lives more and more from that place. We can find faith in the possibility of real and deep change.


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