questions + answers

Is this a religion thing?
No. The practices we teach are suitable for those of all faiths, or none. The meditations we teach have roots tried and tested for 2500 years in the Buddhist tradition, but you do not have to be interested in 'Buddhism' to benefit from them. We will be teaching the techniques in a very straightforward, friendly and accessible way.

Are you trying to save me?
We are offering meditation training because we have faith that it can give real support, relief and healing and can be transformative in your life. We don't think of it as 'saving' anyone, but we do want to reach out a trustworthy hand to you if meditation is something you would like to try. We have long-term experience working with meditation as a tool for healing and change, and we want to offer that to you.

How will meditation help?
Meditation is a practice which can bring some relaxation, calm and peace to troubled minds, and it also works to encourage a feeling of self-care, supporting and complimenting other positive choices in our lives. Meditation can help with anger management and it supports healing from PTSD, in the body as well as the mind, as stress can be allowed to unwind naturally and in a safe place. Meditation is not a 'quick fix', but you may start feeling some benefits quite quickly. Meditation can be a very useful part of "the mission of self-care".

Do I have to be religious to attend or believe in God?
No, you don't have to have any particular religious beliefs or views to benefit from meditation. These meditations are to help you relax and heal in body and mind. If you do have a chosen faith, these practices will not undermine or disrespect that faith. It is quite possible that in practising meditation you may feel a renewed sense of yourself as a person with a spiritual nature. This may be experienced emotionally as self-acceptance, healing and a sense of the possibility of real change.

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