Our residential retreats give practical meditation training that can help ease stress and address issues of trauma in a gentle, healing and empowering way. Meditation fosters groundedness and calm. You will be carefully guided in working with your mind, body and emotions through thoroughly tried and tested meditation practices, with the support of open and honest group work.

We do not promise a quick fix but we believe meditation has something substantial to offer in the process of managing stress accumulated through the military experience, and can be supportive in the healing of Post Traumatic Stress. We warmly welcome veterans who are interested in exploring how meditation might help them.

On retreat you can relax, and feel connected and alive. Living a few days in the countryside together, the forces of nature and the support of the group can help you to let go of past pain and commit yourself to positive steps forwards in your life. Friendships are forged. Sometimes it is a small act of kindness such as being made a cup of tea; a playful comedy moment shared; or a heart-to-heart conversation by the campfire that are key healing moments.

Our retreats are held in safe, comfortable venues and include a warm welcome, the caring company of our skilled and friendly support team and delicious home-cooked food! Please see testimonials by veterans who have attended a residential retreat with us.

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A meditation retreat for military veterans and homecoming service-people led by members of the Peace of Mind Project team. Newcomers to meditation are welcome.

During this retreat you will have the opportunity to learn meditations that help you find your own calm centre and inner resources. Supportive and respectful training will be given in deep relaxation, meditation and mindfulness-based stress reduction, giving you skills to relax more deeply, manage stress and begin to heal the invisible wounds of war, in the company of a group of other veterans.

No previous meditation experience is needed. Participants need to be available to be present at the residential retreat for the entire time, from 5pm on Monday till after lunch on Thursday. We have a strict policy of no alcohol or non-prescribed drugs for the duration of the retreat. Smoking is permitted outside of the building.

Cost: £120 per person for accommodation costs. If you do not have this available to you please contact us. We do not want lack of funds to prevent anyone from attending.

Places on this retreat are limited to ten veterans. To avoid disappointment, please contact us, and use the PARTICIPANTS APPLICATION FORM buttons below to book your place.

We are asking for donations from participants to help cover basic accommodation costs, as we are currently low on funds, but please do not let a personal lack of funds stop you from participating, we will do all we can to make it possible for you to attend.

This event has already begun so cannot be booked.


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