The London Meditation Project aims to make the benefits of meditation more widely available to people living or working in London. We offer a high standard of teaching and support for all those wishing to practise meditation. Our team work together to convey the practice of meditation in a direct, lively and responsible way.

London Meditation Project London Meditation Project Team

Principal instructor

John Wilson (Paramananda) has taught meditation for 30 years and is the author of three popular books on meditation. He was chairman of the San Francisco Buddhist Centre for seven years and has taught meditation in settings from prison, hospice and drug rehab centres to corporations.

Paramananda/John Wilson


Catherine Powell is co-founder of the London Meditation Project. She teaches meditation in corporate, charitable, educational and team-building contexts. Catherine has training in Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction. She has a special interest in offering the benefits of meditation to veterans suffering Post Traumatic Stress caused by experiences in war, and in supporting their spouses, partners and families in welcoming our soldiers home.

Catherine Powell

Marianne Brady (Vimalachitta) has taught meditation for 24 years, including several years full-time at the London Buddhist Centre, as well as in the corporate world in the UK & overseas. Marianne is an experienced trainer in Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction, and has trained in mindfulness-based approaches to stress and pain management. Marianne also runs chanting and voice workshops.

Vimalachitta / Marianne Brady

Andrew Burton has attended over 30 residential meditation retreats and studied under a number of different teachers in the past 22 years. He teaches meditation in London in a variety of contexts, both Buddhist and non-Buddhist. He is also a practising Reflexologist and Acupuncturist.

Andrew Burton

Sassirika has been meditating for 17 years. She has taught meditation in London and in Poland, at Sanghaloka, the Krakow Buddhist Centre which she co-founded. She trained in contemporary dance, performing and teaching professionally in the UK and Europe. Sassirika brings an understanding of the importance of integration of mind and body to her teaching of meditation. She is currently enjoying developing her wide-ranging creativity as a ceramicist.

Jenny Lam (Sassirika)